Wed, Oct 18th – Overview of the HR Alliance DC 2017 Compensation Survey and Pay Transparency in a Multigenerational Workforce

In today’s fast pace work environment, it is important to accommodate the multigenerational work force, especially when it comes to pay and pay practices. There is an increased focus on pay and the Millennial generation is very interested in how they can move from one career path to the next. Pay transparency can be very important, to this generation and the generations to come. How we communicate with the various generations is equally as important. This session will first address the multigenerational workforce and the differences between them including how best to communicate with each group. We will then discuss the pros and cons of communicating  salary transparency and discuss some examples of how companies navigate the salary transparency landmine.


Part 1 Speaker:

Ken Cardinal is Managing Director for the Boston office of Pearl Meyer.

Part II Speaker:

Mary Mosqueda is the Practice Leader for Lockton Companies Compensation Global Consulting Practice located in St. Louis, Missouri.


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