Coding vs. College: Looking Toward the Future of IT Career Development

As we fast forward to the future of technology, many IT organizations are increasing their emphasis on recruiting and training coders. From career changes to starting an IT career, professionals are looking for the best route to take to become computer programmers or software engineers.

So the question is, what is the most beneficial way to have a successful IT career in coding? Is it going to college to secure a degree in computer science, or going the faster and more direct route of taking coding classes?

Here are a few comparisons on coding classes vs. college:

  • Coding boot camps typically run six- to twelve-week sessions to teach all of the coding language and information associated with a specific application area (such as web, mobile, databases, etc.), whereas college is normally a two-year (associates degree) or four-year (bachelor’s degree) process.
  • The cost is significantly different as well. According to the report Coding Bootcamp vs. College, “for less than the cost of one semester in a CS degree program, you can develop programming skills at a bootcamp and be on your way to earning $75-80K upon graduation.”
  • When it comes to ROI(return on investment), coding bootcamps require less time, less money and offer nearly equal earnings when compared to a CS degree.

Additionally, it is important to keep your long-term goal in mind when choosing coding courses or college courses. Despite the clear advantages of coding classes and programs, those who only pursue this route may find their careers stunted when they are faced with the opportunity to grow into management, systems administration, team leadership or other strategic roles – all of which likely require at least a bachelor’s degree.