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The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year

Each year, I’m curious to see which color Pantone picks as its Color of the Year. Colors surround us; they can even influence some of our day-to-day choices without us realizing. Each year, a few colors, for whatever reason—maybe because of popular fashion, TV commercials,…

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How to Avoid a $46,000 Mistake

A university in Colorado recently realized it had issued over 9,000 diplomas with a typo. In Old English font, they were conferred by the school’s President and the Chair of the Coard of Trustees. The error went unnoticed for six years, until the school newspaper…

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Are You Following the Dictionary?

I check Twitter mostly to follow sports journalists and snarky celebrities, but some days the animosity on the site makes me think about logging out for good. I’ll never do it, though — I’d miss the dictionary too much. One of my favorite things online…

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