Case Studies

Office of Compliance


  • Website design and maintenance services
  • Conducting Web-based training
  • Providing Section 508 compliance, including captioning services
  • Developing applications (including forms, databases, etc.)


The Vector TalentMEDIA team was chosen to redesign the Office of Compliance’s (OOC) website. However, once we reviewed the current site, we realized that we needed to conduct a retain-or-toss (ROT) analysis of the current content before migration. The TalentMEDIA team created a Web crawler that would examine the current website and store pages within an administration area for OOC employees to categorize, assign users and dates to, and comment on the pages. Employees could then flag pages as “toss,” “update,” “rewrite,” or “retain as is,” and comment on each page using a discussion thread.


Once this process was completed, the TalentMEDIA team created a script that would crawl pages and extract body content from within the static HTML Dreamweaver templates and import it directly into the WordPress content management system. This script saved days of work that otherwise would have had to be done manually. The team was instructed to design the website to make it look similar to TalentMEDIA followed these instructions, keeping in mind that OOC’s website was content driven and not news driven. We were able to produce a website that was exactly what the client wanted.

To view the website, go to

Technical Notes: The site was built using WordPress with a MySQL database and was built to correctly display in IE6-8, Safari, Firefox 3-4, and Chrome on PC and Mac.