RPO Services – TalentPARK

Vector’s TalentRELAY team was tasked to assist a large parking client with a well-known healthcare agency that employs nearly 400 associates. The client was disillusioned with the pace of the recruiting efforts and the agency’s need escalated to nearly 100 open roles. The process was complicated by dual-background and health screenings. Vector started with a pilot program using one recruiter and within 6 weeks, expanded to 5 recruiters across multiple markets. The client referenced the turnaround after only 45-days of service—they noted the number of rosters filled, quality of candidate increased, and a record for number of days of no claims were set… and with that, TalentPARK was born!


Emergency Staffing of nearly 200 candidates in less than 30 days!

TalentPARK recruiters were tasked with a new-site launch for another major healthcare agency where 180 staff were needed and nearly ½ of these recruits were expected to be from transitioning staff. But, one week into the effort, the departing vendor became extremely disgruntled and threatened their staff with law suits if they talked with our client! So, the needs expanded and we had less than 3 weeks to deliver 180 recruits. We quickly created a guerilla-marketing game plan, set interview goals, and went to work accomplishing the goal right in time for a solid launch.


Emergency Staffing of 20 people in Portland

TalentPARK recruiters were tasked with a post-launch site in Portland that had recruiting challenges due to low unemployment and minimal applicant flow. We quickly created a guerilla-marketing game plan, set interview goals and repaired the damage within 30 days of task to a full-staffed site.


Seasonal Hires

25 hires  in 30-days (Cleveland)

40 hires in 45 days (Dallas)


New-Site Launches

TalentPARK has successfully launched many hospitality sites of up to 60 associates within 30-45 days in cities such as Austin, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Portland, and the Napa and Sonoma regions of California.



TalentPARK was established based on proven performance in the Valet/Parking Services arena and currently placing nearly 500 hourly staff per month across the country. TalentPARK infuses agency-urgency process and mentality to the markets and clients have experienced dramatic increases in number of hires, time to hire, and overall process improvements in candidate and manager experiences.

Our recruiters work remotely in our recruiting center and are branded as our clients and we:

  • – collaborate with our marketing experts in our TalentMEDIA team to market the roles with creative marketing and social media strategies.
  • – incorporate and/or improve our clients’ processes for maximum efficiencies and liaison with corporate for streamlined processes and reporting.
  • – partner with the field to ensure the highest quality candidates are sourced, screened, interviewed, assessed and selected for maximum efficiencies and client satisfaction.

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