Case Studies

Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association


  • Developing materials (including advertising, press kits, public service announcements)
  • Developing conceptual designs and layout
  • Providing copywriting and technical writing services
  • Developing custom or providing stock artwork (including photography)
  • Preparing print-, fabrication-, or web-ready files
  • Conceptualizing, designing, and producing exhibits and their accompanying materials


When the TalentMEDIA team initially met with the Private Practice Section (PPS) of the American Physical Therapy Association, the task was to simply revamp their outdated magazine (Impact) and turn it into something modern and eye-catching that would engage their readers and encourage them to contribute to the organization and the publication.

The TalentMEDIA team completely redesigned Impact magazine and transformed it from a 2-color newsletter-style magazine to a 4-color publication with a cleaner style, up-to-date design features, a larger color palette, and professional photography.

As a companion piece to Impact, PPS also compiles an annual Buyer’s Guide. Since the team redesigned Impact, it was only natural that the team would also redesign the annual Buyer’s Guide. Guide covers are now designed with dynamic artwork and photography that catch the readers’ attention. Because the Buyer’s Guide is posted online, the team used this opportunity to create a hyperlinked PDF of the Guide. The PDF allows readers to click on a vendor’s name, which takes them to the vendor’s listing within the guide and shows them where the vendor’s conference booth will be located using the annual conference map provided in the Guide. Each vendor’s listing is also hyperlinked to allow readers to quickly email them for information or to go to their website or social media pages.

After a few years working side-by-side with PPS, the TalentMEDIA team developed a strong working partnership and was tasked with developing integrated marketing solutions for advertisers, sponsors, and exhibitors, incorporating all PPS/APTA revenue-generating opportunities in print, online, and in-person. Part of that task has included revitalizing the annual PPS Media Kit and all PPS annual conference material.

Material for every PPS conference is customized based on location and the needs of that particular conference. The 2013 conference materials included monthly advertisements, mailers such as pre-conference postcards and a pre-conference prospectus, smartphone thumbnails, website and email banners, sponsor bags, registration forms, a PowerPoint presentation template, the conference program, and conference signage.