How To Attract Top Talent Post Pandemic

The pandemic changed the way we all work. After years of working from home, many employees are exiting current roles as part of the “Great Resignation” and actively looking for remote working opportunities.

Today, managers need to look for innovative ways to attract top talent that emphasize the flexibility, diversity, inclusivity, and financial security post-pandemic candidates are looking for.

Why the Focus on Remote Work?

Before the pandemic, the option to work from home even part of the time was a luxury afforded to senior executives. During the pandemic, companies were forced to shift operations to fully remote or risk business failure. Employees have embraced the flexibility of working from home; today, nearly 90% of employees desire to work from home at least part of the time.

Managers and recruiters quickly realized that a remote work policy opened access to a vast pool of global talent, breaking down geographic boundaries and putting the right people within reach. Employees working from home also saved the company time and money.

Workers are also more productive when working from home. The freedom to work comfortably and at a pace and in a style that works for the individual employee decreases stress and improves focus, increasing output in general.

Attracting Top Talent with the Right Skills

Job ads and old-style hiring strategies won’t be effective in the current job market. With a talent shortage looming, you need to find innovative ways to attract the best talent with the skills and experience you need for remote opportunities.

Cultivating an Authentic Employer Brand

Many companies still do not understand the importance of cultivating your employer brand. Employer brand, which encompasses your company’s authentic image and culture, dramatically influences whether a candidate decides to pursue an available role.

Here are some tips for creating a strong employer brand that attracts employees and keeps them around after hiring:

  • Be truthful and genuine about the pros and cons of your company and the specific role you are hiring for
  • Promote your company’s history and culture, including recent and future steps to improve the culture for all workers
  • Emphasize policies and roles within the company that focus on remote worker culture and promote an accurate picture of your company’s workplace culture and support for remote and hybrid workers

Promoting Company Culture

Candidates are more aware of the importance of a positive work environment, so much so that company culture has become a motivating reason to pursue a new job. A positive work environment that supports employees and encourages team building and productivity in proactive, progressive ways is a significant factor to include in your hiring strategies.

Emphasis on DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

One of the most essential elements of a positive, progressive company culture involves DE&I policies. DE&I, which stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, includes procedures and protocols that foster recognition and acceptance of employees regardless of any identifying or classifying characteristics, beliefs, experiences, et cetera. DE&I encourages communication about differences, from race and religion to location and educational level. Today’s job applicants believe in the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, and emphasizing them makes an impression, attracting more talent in the future.

Workplace Flexibility

According to Gallup, nine out of 10 workers prefer to work from home, and the number one reason? Greater flexibility to focus on maintaining a positive work/ life balance.

As a result of the pandemic, many employees began spending more quality time with their families, playing a more significant role in their children’s education, and taking more time to care for themselves mentally and physically. Positions offering flexible hours, time off, and workplace styles attract the attention of top talent.

Pay Rate and Benefits

Candidates are also looking at dollar signs when looking for a job. Every job sector has seen an increase in candidates seeking higher salaries. With more companies requiring more extraordinary technological skills from their workers, increasing the proposed salary and benefits for a position is crucial.

If you’re not in the position to offer a higher salary, offering candidates a remote working option is an attractive alternative. When remote work is already an option, additional benefits and perks that uniquely support your employees working from home can help get the attention of the right candidates.


The rapidly changing hiring technology and the post-pandemic evolution of the job market make new hiring strategies necessary. Recruiting managers must constantly use the latest hiring data, job market statistics, and feedback from recruiters and candidates to hone their hiring process.

By focusing on the factors job candidates are looking for – financial security, positive work/ life balance, and inclusive workplace culture – you can increase your chances of attracting talented individuals with the right skills for your company.

Ready to learn more about attracting top talent to your company? Contact us at Vector Talent Resources for more information or to start your search for candidates with the skills you need!

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