6 Essential Books Every IT Professional Should Read

“There’s nothing like a good book!” We tend to apply this phrase when we’re thinking of curling up with the next great fiction novel on the beach or in a hammock.

But as an IT professional, whether your career is on the executive level or technically focused, having current knowledge on the evolution of the industry is valuable on many levels.

IT professionals are keeping up with the latest trends and gaining a new perspective on the industry through reading IT books. Here are a few books every IT pro should consider reading:

Technical Impact: Making Your Information Technology Effective, and Keeping It That Way by Al Kuebler (2014)

This book is intended for IT professionals and business managers who wish to make their IT management function more directly responsive to the businesses they serve. Communication is essential for IT managers to continuously build IT business relationships in order to have a lasting career in the industry. Technical Impact provides insights on:

• Proven ways to ensure that the IT function is fully recognized for the positive impact it has on business performance

• Examples to instill confidence that these approaches are doable in any IT organization

The Quantum Age of IT by Charles Araujo (2012)

The Quantum Age of IT is for IT executives, IT managers and IT administrators. It reveals why the IT industry is changing beyond recognition, explains the skills that every IT professional will need to thrive and presents a view of the future of IT that organizations must embrace to survive. Whether you are an IT executive or just beginning your career, this book will offer you the key insights you need to understand what is happening and what is coming.

Understanding that future, Araujo blends a wide range of research and case studies to help you discover the skills you must develop in order to succeed and thrive in what the author calls “the quantum age of IT.”

Quick and Nimble: Lessons From the Leading CEOs on How To Create a Culture of Innovation by Adam Bryant (2014)

Quick and Nimble is for IT leaders. It’s a collection of key pieces of leadership advice quoted directly from CEOs at companies such as Zappos and SumAll. There are many useful nuggets about questions management should ask during the hiring process, how to handle adversity and the traits of good management. (CIO Magazine) This book explains the importance of corporate culture and how to maximize results through recruiting and leadership.

The Google Story by David A. Vise (2008)

Ever wondered how Google started? This book takes you down the road of cofounders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s journey to building Google. This is not only a good read for IT professionals, but it also lends insight into entrepreneurship and the steps of creating a business. This fast-moving narrative reveals how an unorthodox management style and culture of innovation enabled a search engine to shake up Madison Avenue and Wall Street, scoop up YouTube and battle Microsoft (successfully) at every turn.

The Road Ahead and Business @ the Speed of Thought by Bill Gates (1995 and 1999)

Sometimes, a rewind into the past can be as valuable as a leap into the future. In these two groundbreaking books by Microsoft founder Bill Gates (published in 1995 and 1999, respectively), you’ll be able to see how the digital revolution re-engineered the entire information technology.

At a time when the internet was migrating into the public consciousness for the first time and the Dot-Com revolution began, Gates specifically explains why the Internet has revolutionized everything at a faster pace than expected, and then sets the tone for many of the innovations that have changed the IT landscape forever.

While there is a plethora of IT related resources to explore, these books will help grow your IT career through both practical and visionary insights, and provide knowledge on an industry that continues to change.

If you have a few favorite or must-read IT books, tweet us at @VectorIT and we can add your books to our next list!