5 Tips to being a Successful Recruiter in Today’s Ever-changing IT Market

The way I look at it, a successful recruiter is someone who is detailed oriented, not afraid to make phone calls at any hour, day or night, and is able to close the deal, much like an experienced salesperson. And these days, it takes a bit more on the recruiter’s part to achieve success. To give you an idea of what I’ve found to be the key traits and characteristics of a top recruiter, I’d like to provide the following 5 tips to being a successful recruiter in today’s ever-changing IT market:


  1. In today’s market, perusing through a resume for keywords is simply not enough anymore. With all of the technologies available, it is imperative that we hire smart people and train them with the skills necessary to locate the best and brightest candidates for our open positions. In addition to teaching recruiters important sourcing skills, training also entails teaching recruiters the importance of building relationships with job candidates. A solid recruiter must understand that a relationship has to be built with each viable candidate because their next job or assignment is critical to the recruiter as much is it is to the client or candidate. In these tough times, it is the applicant’s advantage if he or she has the proper skills.
  2. When you are picking up the phone to contact a candidate after reviewing a resume, you should have already taken the time to drill down in your requirements to know exactly what it is that you are searching for. As I have mentioned in the past, many candidates do not list all of their skills on their resume, so you are doing yourself a huge favor in being prepared. By doing your research in advance of your phone call, you are taking a proactive position that will put you in a better place during your initial screen. Your candidate needs to perceive you are in control of the conversation, which will build the trust necessary for a successful relationship. To be a successful recruiter, your relationships with thecandidates are paramount.
  3. It should not take you too long to figure out if the candidate is a fit for your job. Do not be afraid to cut the call short if this takes place; never try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Respectfully and politely shorten the call, but explain that you would prefer to keep them in mind in the future for another opening. What we do not want to do is submit someone to our client that is not a fit for the posted position. This creates embarrassment for your team, and the credibility of your firm will be threatened if this happens too frequently. However, the good recruiters will gain the confidence of these candidates and ask for referrals that often lead to some of the best candidates out there.
  4. In today’s world of ever changing technology, most recruiters tend not to pipeline candidates. This obviously takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the recruiter, but gathering these qualified candidates is not all that difficult! This process should be part of your day-to-day workflow. If you are using a good applicant tracking system, it is even easier because in most cases, you are just filing these exceptional candidates away for another time. Again, it is the strong relationships that you utilize each day that will help you become a remarkable recruiter. So, I highly suggest that you stay in touch with your top prospects and the referrals will come.
  5. As a manager or owner of a recruiting company, you will notice that your most successful recruiters are the ones that spend the most time on the telephone. Although email is a much quicker and easier way of connecting these days, nothing beats the method of picking up the phone and calling someone. I believe that when you come across that gem of a candidate, you will make a great first impression if you dial their number and try to get them on the phone. It is easy to email or connect on Linkedin or Facebook but go the extra mile and smile and dial.


Whether you are using job boards, Linkedin, or referrals, your job is to create the best possible relationships you can. You can be assured that your sales department and account managers are picking up the phone and spending a lot of time getting these orders. While most recruiters do not utilize all of the suggestions made in this article, if you want to increase your hit ratio and become a “senior recruiter,” try these suggestions, and you will be amazed at the difference!