4 Unique Ways a Temporary Staffing Agency Benefits Your Company

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With over 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies operating in the US, the staffing industry has “outpaced overall economic and employment growth,” according to the American Staffing Association. Last year, industry sales increased by 5.4% to $147 billion. 86% of those sales were attributed to temporary and contract staffing. As the temporary staffing segment continues to evolve, we identify more hidden benefits. Whether you’re a candidate or a company, the value temporary staffing brings to the world of work is undeniable. Take a look…  

1. Staffing agencies reveal the hidden side of work for candidates

When work is high and the number of employees is low, temporary workers come to the rescue! This not only is a great time for you to scout out possible talent (more on that later), but it also gives these individuals a glimpse into what the workflow, organization and industry look like. Candidates get to “try before they buy” when it comes to a future boss, team and work culture. Giving applicants this opportunity helps them transition to direct employment with more information increasing their staying power; and, since they are already there, it makes the hiring process that much easier.

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 2. Staffing agencies give you a trial hiring period

Having a temporary employee can work great for the company! This gives you the opportunity to observe any possible talent without the commitment (or long process) of a direct hire. With this you can see their skills and note their experience in action. No matter how thorough, interviews and resumes only cover so much information, and you can only tell a few things about a person face-to-face. However, seeing them go through day-to-day tasks can let you know everything about them before you decide to have them become an important asset to your team. Even if all you see is great potential, you now have the ability to provide feedback and mold an exceptional employee.

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3. A staffing agency provides more control over business ups and downs

The hiring process can be challenging and time consuming. It gets even more difficult when your business needs to scale at a rate to which you’re not accustomed. This can come from rapid growth, seasonal changes or just a big new contract. Companies can lose money, time and resources while trying to recruit for vacant positions. The team in place is likely already overworked and it’s difficult for them to focus on an outside task of hiring in this mode. When a staffing agency recruits for your high-need positions, it allows your people to focus on their work, avoid long hiring cycles and brings immediate support with talent that can make immediate impacts. Further? It’s a scalable solution, meaning if your business needs drop back down, you’re not saddled with extra payroll you can no longer afford. With a trusted staffing partner, you are able to pick and choose the best of the best without the huge process or time-consuming interviews.

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4. Creates an easy-peasy transition

From looking at resumes and interviews to finding the best candidates, the staffing agency has you covered. Staffing agencies are experts in sourcing and selecting skilled workers within their area of expertise, so recruiters can guide you through the process of identifying the most important tasks and skills you need as well as having a solid understanding of how this talent can impact business. New temporary workers can hit the ground running and help as soon as they step foot in the door, which will help stabilize productivity.

A good staffing agency partner will cover the role, team, company, expectations as well as salary, vacation, paid time off and even benefits, freeing up your time to decide how you want to run your company. Apart from introducing yourself and showing them where the office supplies are, the onboarding process is essentially done for you. This is also true for when they leave. Unless permanent work has been discussed, or the amount of time they are needed is unknown, workers will know how long they are staying, making the in and out transition a breeze.

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