4 Advantages of Using Staffing Services

Research records show that nearly 90% of American companies use recruitment agencies to find their IT staff. This is because it is a challenging and time-consuming task for the business to find the most suitable candidate themselves.

Staffing service agencies employ HR professionals who are trained in every aspect of technology and are knowledgeable and experienced in interviewing suitably qualified candidates. That is why more and more businesses feel these agencies are the best option when a vacancy arises in their company.

Recruitment agencies help businesses in other ways too. Not only do they find the most suitable candidate, but they also help the company develop a healthy relationship with their new employee whilst assisting the business to stay focused.

Four Advantages of Using IT Staffing Services:

1. Find Candidates Faster

A recruitment agency that specializes in IT will have a pool of pre-screened candidates on their books, so when a new job description comes in, they simply match the job requirements with the skills of one of these candidates. It is always best to go to a specialist IT recruitment agency rather than a boutique firm that finds employees for several different types of industry and may not have any specialized candidates available.

2. Minimize the Wrong Hire

A good recruitment agency will find out about the culture of the business as well as the technical requirements. This avoids sending along a candidate who will not fit in with the company’s work culture.Sending the wrong person along for the job costs time and money and can affect productivity whilst the business waits for another candidate to fill the vacancy.

3. Recruit the Experts

The best recruitment agencies want to recruit the most talented candidates for the jobs on offer and when they find the most talented people in a particular industry they will often put them on their own payroll until the right job comes along. If you want an outstanding IT candidate to fill your vacancy, you should partner up with one of these agencies as you are guaranteed an exceedingly good new employee.

4. Save Time

In business, time is money, and finding a suitable candidate for a job vacancy involves a long drawn-out process. Starting with a job vacancy advertisement, you have to set a closing date and then weed out the unsuitable resumes. After drawing up a shortlist, the interviews follow, and you may find you have selected the wrong candidate for the job. Going to a recruitment agency cuts out all these stages, and their experienced HR experts will find you the right person for the job very quickly.

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