36 Need to Know Tips for Selecting the Best Staffing Agency


So you’ve made the decision that your organization needs a staffing agency to help with the hiring responsibilities. Trusting an outsider with these decisions can seem difficult, but ensuring you placed power in the correct hands will surely put your mind at ease. We’ve gathered 36 of the best and need to know tips when it comes to finding the best staffing agency partnership.

Top 10 Traits to Look for in the Best Recruitment Agency

“Have you seen an outline of goals from your agency so they can hit your targeted hiring dates? Do you trust them to the point of not worrying about their quality of candidates? If you can’t say “yes” to all of these questions then you really need to think about whether they are the right agency for your company.” – Undercover Recruiter (@UndercoverRec)


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Are you considering an agency that knows your company and understands your business needs? Do they listen to you and continually strive to be better? These are traits you definitely want when it comes to working with a recruitment agency and will help you determine whether or not the partnership with them will be the right fit.

Keep reading on UndercoverRecruiter for more traits to consider.


What Makes a Good Recruitment Agency? – 10 Tips

“More job seekers are using job recruitment agencies to help them navigate the hiring process. Not only does a good agency find you more opportunities with hiring managers, but it can also be a valuable long-term career partner.” – Ryan Rhodes (@RyanRhodes89), HR writer for Villanova University

Do the promises that this recruitment agency is making seem too good to be true? Then they probably are. What should you look for and absolutely avoid as you search for a long-term career partner?

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Social-Hire gives 6 qualities you need and 4 you definitely want to go without when looking for a recruitment agency.


Top 10 Qualities of the Best Temp Staffing Companies

“Acquiring and retaining top-notch talent can be tedious in today’s job market, because finding the best candidate for an opportunity involves far more than sifting through a stack of resumes.  The best staffing companies must not only stay on top of evolving industry trends, but they must also learn to adapt to the ever-changing economy.” – FactorFinders (@FactorFinders)

Does the staffing company you’re considering extend their efforts beyond job boards and create a candidate database? Do they improve their technologies on a regular basis?

If you can answer yes to all of these, learn the 7 other qualities you should be looking for from FactorFinders.


How to Find the Right Temp Agency – 6 Tips

“While 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use temporary and contract staffing strategically, which is to say in preparation for the peaks and valleys in their demand cycle, once you get down to businesses with between 25 and 99 people, that figure drops to 12 percent.” – Josh Spiro (@joshspiro), UX Designer | Storyteller | Marketer

When shopping around for a staffing agency, it’s important to ask the right questions. Are there any additional perks or services offered? Will they be able to find the type of talent you’re looking for?

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Get these questions answered as well as these 4 others from Inc to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Did your consideration meet all these standards? If you’re considering Vector Talent, then the answer is likely yes. Contact us today for all your staffing needs and learn more about our solutions for your organization!


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