3 Ways IT Leaders Can Keep Top Talent

Building an IT team of top-notch talent requires finding the right IT professionals and the right IT executive leaders, who together can build and support your growth. Reviewing resumes, conducting interviews and composing offer letters are just the beginning stages of creating a great team. Once you’ve crossed these stepping-stones, how do you keep the team that you’ve worked so hard to build? Here are three tips to consider:

1. Train and Empower

Making it a priority to help your team get through kinks in a project is essential. Frustration can set in at any time, so providing your executive support and experience could be just the push they need to complete the project efficiently and walk away feeling satisfied with their performance.

You can also keep your top talent informed on the latest technologies in the industry to keep them interested and confident in their work. Training is one way to collaborate as a group and learn how to navigate, install or understand the latest software on the market. Providing this support and knowledge will also empower your team to work hard and to stay engaged long-term.

2. Celebrate and Motivate

Create a company culture that acknowledges a job well done. Top talent will not only feel appreciated, but also motivated to continue doing their best. Recognize others who have been a great asset to the team as well. Recognition could add value and help develop other team members into top performers.

You can also assign top talent more responsibility in hopes to be an example for the team, which in turn, has potential to encourage other team members. Additionally, encourage your top talent to become involved in other programs or projects within the organization for more exposure. Employees who are engaged in both the organization and their job duties are more apt to think long-term in regards to career growth within the company.

3. Share and Listen

Share the organization’s mission and your vision with the team. Be open about monthly, quarterly and yearly goals for the IT organization. Allow questions and feedback to make sure everyone is on the same page. And while you share, you want to be sure to listen. Have one-on-ones to learn more about the career goals of your employees. Possibly preparing a career roadmap with each team member can show that you care and provide a sense of security and longevity for your top IT performers.

Retaining top IT talent requires the same amount of work it takes to build a top IT team. Provide positive feedback and share opportunities for growth. Allow your team to feel valued and appreciated. We encourage you to train and empower, celebrate and motivate, and share and listen to achieve lasting success as you build and sustain your IT organization.