20 Reasons to Start an Employee Wellness Program with Bonus How-To Tips [Video]


At TalentFIT, nothing is more important to us that ensuring your employees are healthy and happy. We’ve compiled these statistics to show you the importance of corporate wellness programs.

●  Companies with a wellness program saw a 28% reduction in employees calling in sick. (source)

●  Employees who eat healthy are 25% more likely to have a higher job performance. (source)

●  More than ⅔ of U.S. employers offer a wellness program. (source)

●  47% of CEOs say that they feel a strong sense of community within their company because of wellness programs. (source)

●  51% of CEOs said their wellness program increased employee retention. (source)

●  72% of organizations who have a wellness program have reduced the cost of health care. (source)

●  Volunteering is an aspect of mental health, that many corporations have included into their wellness programs. Of the employees who volunteered, 76% of people said it makes them feel healthier. (source)

●  Every dollar invested in wellness programs yields around $4 in savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity, and decreased health costs. (source)

●  72% of employees do not understand the programs that are made available to them. (source)

●  Wellness programs lead to a 26% reduction in medical costs. (source)

●  45% of employees say wellness programs help them stay with a company. (source)

●  91% of employers with 10,001-50,000 employees offer some sort of wellness program. (source)

●  18% of employees say they are more willing to go an extra mile when they feel their employers care about them. (source)

●  It costs around $312 for an employee to be enrolled in a wellness program, but $574 for an employee to not be enrolled. (source)

●  55% of employees said that corporate wellness programs helped improve their overall well-being. (source)

●  Engaged employees are 28% more likely to participate in wellness programs than average employees. (source)

●  96% of employers focus on physical health in their wellness programs. (source)

●  34% of employees use health premium reductions as an incentive. (source)

●  Of the employees who participate in their company’s wellness program, 70% of them feel more satisfied with their job than those who do not participate. (source)

●  64% of wellness programs also offer wellness screenings. (source)

Ready to get started?


Tweet This: 96% of employers focus on physical health in their wellness programs. Do you?

Check out these simple, inexpensive ways to jumpstart your wellness program:

●  Do you HSA? Give employees an allowance for things like dental, vision and even prescriptions. Group health insurance isn’t the only way to make sure your employees are covered.

●  Fruits, veggies and lots of water. Having a healthy kitchen or eating area is a great way to build good dietary habits.

●  Create an employee cookbook. It doesn’t have to be a literal cookbook but ask everyone to combine their favorite healthy recipe into a place online, so you can all learn from each other’s culinary adventures!

●  Pump some iron (or do some yoga). Give your employees a membership to a local gym or studio. No gym budget? Offer exercise classes on-site, led by a team member to lower costs.

●  Help your people ditch the smokes. Employees who were financially incentivized to quit smoking were 3 times more successful at ditching their cigarettes than non-incentivized employees, in a study conducted by The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton School.

●  PTO makes employees happy! So start providing it. Not only is paid time off the right thing to do, it also gives workers time to recharge their batteries.

●  Create an awesome creative space. Take an unused area around your office and turn it into a place where people can turn boring repetitive work into creative collaboration time. Comfy chairs, a table to work at or even a cycle desk can break up a busy day.

●  Standups! Create a schedule of morning stand-ups for your day. Go over quotes, stats, goals and plans and start your day with a bang!

●  Model stress-relieving behavior. Walking meetings, stand-up desks, and mental breaks are all ways to combat stress at the office.

●  Keep frustration at bay. Tell employees embroiled in frustration, fear or gossip to take a hike, literally. Asking people to take their negative energy outside is good for them…and their office mates.

● Get them cracking! Build a scavenger hunt that helps your employees explore their environment, get to know one another and practice team building skills.

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