20+ Reasons to Invest in Corporate Wellness in 2017

As the holidays roll in, so do the pounds. Few of us are immune to winter-weight syndrome, but we try to work it off come springtime. Unfortunately, for many Americans, that winter weight gets stuck–obesity is becoming a major problem. In addition to the obvious health risks, obesity and other related illnesses affect many other aspects of life: job performance included. So how do we deal with it? Enter: the corporate wellness program

Job-Related Health Issues:

80% of Americans work in jobs that require little or no physical activity. (source)

More than one-third of Americans are overweight or obese. 

As of 2012, 117 million Americans had one or more chronic illnesses, which account for 75% of all healthcare costs in the U.S. (source)

86 million adult Americans have prediabetes. 

19% of U.S. adults currently smoke. 

Obesity-related illness costs approximately $190.2 annually. 

By 2018, it is estimated that obesity-related healthcare expenses will cost the U.S. $344 billion annually. (source)


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About Corporate Wellness Programs:

74% of companies consider wellbeing to be a key element of their employee value proposition. (source)

In 2015, 80% of employers offered preventative wellness services and information.

Up to 92% of employers with over 200 employees offer a wellness program. (source)

96% of employers focus on physical health in their wellness programs. (source)

57% of people with high health risk reached low-risk status by completing a worksite cardiac rehabilitation and exercise program. (source)

42% of employers use gym discounts as incentives for corporate wellness programs. (source)


Every dollar invested in wellness programs yields around $4 in savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity, and decreased health costs. (source)

Employees who eat healthy are 25% more likely to have a higher job performance. (source)

55% of employees said that corporate wellness programs helped improve their overall well-being. (source)

The benefits to be gained from a corporate wellness program are clear: employees will be healthier, happier, and more productive. Don’t let those winter pounds weigh you down, learn more about corporate wellness today!


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