Why Vector has been chosen as DC’s best employment recruiter…

Look at what people – our clients, employees and candidates – are saying about Vector.

“Vector has always supported our team with great staffing at reasonable costs. They could always be counted on to get the best qualified candidates in a timely manner when we have a unique set of requirements.”
”With Vector, we never have to worry about background checks and verification of security clearances. They take care of everything – on time, within budget and problem free. Vector becomes a part of our organization, ingratiating with our team to create the most productive outcomes. Vector is there pre-sale, post-sale and beyond, ensuring continued success for all.”
“Marc cares about creating results for people – he’s a differentiator and won’t stick square pegs in round holes. Actually, he looks out for you before he looks out for himself!”
“Vector’s winning formula is that they engage people and take the time to understand their world, goals and objectives.”
“Marc and his team provide unexpected warmth in a sea full of professionals. Vector demonstrates value as opposed to pitching it.”
”Vector has made my search for employment consistent with what most job candidates hope for from a talent recruitment agency, but practically nobody receives. In evaluating my experience with Vector, I found the level of professionalism and effort expended on my behalf exceeded my expectations. My representative’s actions were consistently congruent with what he promised me and the company support staff follows through has been nothing short of exemplary. I would rate Vector tops among the leading ten percent of talent search and recruitment companies in the Washington Metro Area. May your experience with Vector always exceed your expectations.”