Three Trends That Will Shift the Future of Staffing

Staffing firms are changing the way they market to benefit both the employees they recruit and the companies they serve. Many staffing firms are seeking cost effective solutions and adapting to current trends to be successful. Social media presence, mobile job searches and a community…

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Cybersecurity: The Next Frontier for Government Contractors

With an expanding generation of cyber hackers at large, government contractors are in dire need of successful strategies to keep their business initiatives, information systems, hardware and software protected. Furthermore, as digital capabilities grow and the world moves aggressively to build interconnected online communities, the…

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Focus on the Future: 3 Coming Changes in Government Contracting

As 2016 quickly approaches, the reality of new and emerging changes in government contracting becomes increasingly important to plan for. The government and individual agencies are identifying the most effective ways to update and improve government contracting for the future. Here are three changes to…

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