TalentMEDIA: The Not-So-Clear View

What’s in a name? Well, if your font name is Clearview, I’d say it’s pretty obvious. Apparently, the federal government has decided otherwise. Say goodbye to easy-to-read highway signs. The Federal Highway Administration will be reverting back to their old font, Highway Gothic. What’s the…

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10 Tips To Becoming A Better Manager

As a manager, you have an important responsibility to the employees you oversee. Your staff is looking to you for more than marching orders. The best managers have a clear understanding of the strengths each person brings to the team, what motivates them, and where…

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TalentFIT: Stand Up To Cancer

Tomorrow, Friday, September 8, is Stand Up To Cancer Day. Started in 2007, this is observed annually on the second Friday in September to honor those who have been affected by the disease. An annual fundraising event is held in conjunction with this day as…

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