High Tech vs. High Touch: Bring HR Back from the Dead

Today is a time of robots, screens and the zombified automated processes. Don’t get us wrong; automation is a smart way to save time and increase accuracy in business. However, saving time in administrative hiring tasks should mean more time for innovation, personalization and other…

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Risky Business? Hiring Contingent Workers Risk-Free

The benefits of a contingent workforce are unique, but undeniable. Employees who choose to be temporary or temp-to-hire are in the business of finding a niche that works best for them and the employer has the opportunity to introduce diversity and innovation to their team…

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4 Unique Ways a Temporary Staffing Agency Benefits Your Company

With over 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies operating in the US, the staffing industry has “outpaced overall economic and employment growth,” according to the American Staffing Association. Last year, industry sales increased by 5.4% to $147 billion. 86% of those sales were attributed to temporary…

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