Robert Clark III

Health & Wellness TalentFIT Manager

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Robby Clark III is a Washington D.C. native armed with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Studies from Portland State University and, well, strong arms! He has excelled in his career as a Talent Acquisition professional, while also successfully achieving extreme heights in health and fitness. As winner of the 2015 Mr. America Physique Competition, Robby tenaciously continues to push through new limits. With his HR backbone, Robby is a natural to help organizations shape their staff to healthy, happy and productive status as Manager of Vector’s TalentFIT, our Corporate Wellness offering.

Robby has been involved in athletics since a young age, and his drive to win remained a constant. He continued to raise the bar which led him to study the science of building lean muscle so he could continue to achieve more. While overall fitness training and healthy eating became routine, he soon realized that this was simply a lifestyle…he trains for life!

Robby’s knowledge and experience in the health and fitness realm has enabled him to share his passion with clients in one on one personal training and health coach sessions. His reward is not only to excel in competitive physique building, but to also help others achieve their health and fitness goals. He is excited to share his fitness journey and work with organizations and their staff that are ready to make a
healthy difference in their lifestyle!

Top Talents

  • • Health/Fitness
  • • Marketing/Communications
  • • HR/Recruiting
  • • Operations/Administration

Top Characteristics:

  1. Honest
  2. Driven
  3. Optimistic
  4. Confident
  5. Articulate
  6. Inspiring
  7. Perseverance
  8. Tenacious
  9. Understanding
  10. Happy

Fun Facts

  • •Born in Washington D.C., I enjoy the beach, particularly swimming in the ocean for hours at a time! Spending time with my family as much as I can and getting friends together for tennis and outdoor sand-court volleyball games.
  • •I have climbed to the top of Mount Saint Helens in Skamania County, Washington which was 8,363 feet in elevation. It took seven hours to reach the summit.
  • • I am a physique athlete in addition to competing in Olympic distance triathlons.