Wellness resources to care for your most trusted ASSET

Vector Talent Resources joined forces with renowned corporate health firm, Savsani, creating a bridge to wellness for companies who care for their most trusted asset, their talent. TalentFIT coaches collaborate with clients, both at a corporate and individual level, to assess – design – implement – monitor – communicate wellness programs helping staff to be healthy, happy, energized and motivated. Our goal is to support organizations with proven theories using the mastery of mind, body and food in an effort to help staff become, Simply Whole.

TalentFIT® works with Savsani-certified instructors to infuse wellness into organizations in the primary areas of:

    • Purpose/Mindfulness
    • Relationship Management
    • Physical/Mental Health
    • Environment/Culture


Our Value

We collaborate with organizations who make it their goal to invest in their human capital. At the end of the day, the bottom line is directly influenced by the productivity of your staff, which mostly depends on their health, happiness and environment. We help customers make their return on investment goal a reality by working with staff to reduce stress, decrease pain, and improve sleeping so they can experience better work days. Our customers view their organizations as living and breathing entities with natural desires to be their fittest and most productive selves, both mentally and physically. TalentFIT® coaches are geared and ready to tackle challenges!

Savsani-Certified Wellness Instructors believe that

    • A comprehensive, consultative approach is most effective to integrate well-being throughout all facets of the workplace.
    • Providing management a tool kit to motivate their employees & guides throughout the process are effective to mentoring
    • Wellness starts at the whole-person and grows up through the whole-company.
    • Elements of well-being must be embedded in the culture from the top down & the bottom up, succinctly.


Our Process

Assess – to understand wellness needs
Design – to recommend products and services to meet health goals
Implement – to execute the prescribed programming with health professionals
Monitor – to report on participation, satisfaction, and estimated reduction of medical related costs
Communicate – to relay tailored health marketing through internal and external channels


Our Programming

TalentFIT® wellness programs take a holistic, 360° view of well-being for the mind, body and environment.  This angle increases program sustainability and results.

    Savsani Methods that silence and redirect the mind to become calm and effective in this world of over-stimulation and stress.

    Savsani Techniques that bring the body to its ultimate strength and correct alignment by removing any aliments felt within.

    Savsani Program Systems that utilizes specific foods as medicine to achieve the perfect natural equilibrium.
Simply Whole Lifestyle

We foster a Simply Whole Lifestyle curated for each individual to bring them to a state of well-being and bliss.
Client results show

– 35% decrease in stress

– 23% reduction in pain

– 39% improvement in sleep

Leading to more energized and productive individuals

Whole Well – is customized to outsource the whole wellness process, design and implementation. It’s to bring the organization to its maximum well-being through a variety of programming:

  • Weekly fitness classes (3x)
  • Weekly mind-body classes (3x)
  • Monthly mind-management workshops to align the thought space to the mission and vision of the company to boost productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Annual relationship management workshops to fine tune managers’ current ability to motivate and inspire staff

Be Well – is curated to meet the needs of the company’s wellness goals on a monthly basis. This will help employees stay sharp and focused to meet their tasks at hand.

  • Monthly mind-management workshops to align the thought space to the mission and vision of the company to boost productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Annual relationship-management workshops to fine tune managers’ current ability to motivate and inspire staff

Feel Well – is designed to give control of wellness to the managers. Once a year a wellness forum is conducted with Savsani-certified instructors to go over skills on how to infuse well-being into the everyday work environment keeping relationships good and morale high.

  • Annual relationship management workshops to fine tune managers’ current ability to motivate and inspire staff


TalentFIT® – for the fittest minds & bodies


Vector Talent raises the bar on staffing through our commitment to being fully invested in our clients’ goals and objectives. As a value-added partner, we provide and require full transparency in order to provide strategic full-service support for our clients’ staffing needs.

Vector Talent maintains an exceptional level of service, trust and reliability with each of our clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we exceed your expectations whenever possible and that we treat our clients with the utmost respect and integrity in every stage of our strategic resource partnership.

As our client and partner you have our commitment to the following:

Integrity of the highest level, always.

We only present screened, vetted, and available candidates who are aligned with your specific needs.


Every company is different, as are their hiring needs. We modify and tailor our screening and hiring processes to meet your needs to ensure that we find the ideal candidate for you.


Quality relationships are a cornerstone of Vector. We consistently demonstrate respect and appreciation with our clients, candidates, vendors, and employees. We take a 360-degree look at every relationship to understand exactly what the relationship needs to be successful. Vector associates bring a high degree of empathy to our relationships. We put ourselves in the shoes of everyone we work with to understand their perspectives and needs, and set up both parties for success.

Your time is valued

We do not believe in sending over 40 candidates who might work. We selectively provide you with candidates who have been thoroughly vetted, screened and available for hire, which is how we have maintained a 60 % hiring rate.

Market knowledge

If you want to attract elite candidates, your staffing expert should know where to find them, and we do. Our team of staffing experts stay on top of industry trends, skills and top talent, to guide our clients as we tailor plans to fit their strategic placement needs.

Commitment to long-term success

Our goal is to become your long-term strategic resource partner and help your organization succeed. We want to work with you to win contracts and develop a long term pipeline of business, not just fill the positions you have open today.

Honesty at all times

We never promise more than what we can deliver. In the unlikely circumstance that we cannot identify a candidate who matches your criteria, you will be notified immediately. When we do identify a candidate, you can expect that his or her credentials will be presented to you accurately, without exaggerated claims.


You have the right to be listened to. Your needs and preferences guide our placement process. We want to find the perfect candidate for your organization not just someone who meets the requirements for the position, but an individual who aligns with your corporate culture and long-term goals.

24/7 availability

We promise to respond to your concerns whenever they arise, day or night. We understand that your day doesn’t stop at 5pm, and neither does ours. We are available anytime you need us.


We ensure that our employees have the training they need to meet your needs. We will also work with your organization to provide any specific knowledge that you may not have but can benefit from.


We go beyond the placement and work with clients to attain greatness with their workforce with innovative organizational development initiatives via our human capital consulting practice, TalentAIM®.

TalentAIM® serves as HR business partners from on boarding to off boarding keeping our clients compliant and competitive, well-built with talent management programs and technology, and in flight with talent development.

TalentAIM® evolved from decades of collaborating with leaders to not only attract top talent with diligent outreach campaigns, but to attain greatness through innovative talent development programs, and properly applaud and nurture talent with creative and fun wellness efforts.


The 3-tiered approach is imperative to keep a business whole. Vector differentiates by centering efforts on the goals of both employer and employee, equally, for a fair return on the sincere approach and productive results. Attracting and attaining greatness from top talent is our business since we realize this is the key to clients’ success which is our ultimate reward.

1. Recruiting on deck

  • Corporate
  • Technical
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Healthcare
  • Executive

2. HR ready for flight

  • Generalists
  • Information Systems
  • Compliance
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Training

3. Wellness in motion

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Mindfulness
  • Coaching
  • Events